Exotic Car Rentals | Las Vegas

Exotic Car Rentals | Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the most popular city in the world to rent an exotic car. And, in a place that prides itself on luxury and indulgence, you can be sure that they are everywhere.

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Common exotics for rent in Vegas

The most sought-after rental in Vegas is a Lamborghini. However, there are so many options to choose from, you really owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities fully before you select which exotic you’re going to rent.

Driving Destinations in & around Las Vegas

Once you’ve decided on which model of supercar is going to fulfill your dreams, it’s a good idea to map out your driving destination and route before you actually hit the road.



Driving a supercar is a lot more involved than your video games might suggest. Even, if you simply want that perfect Snapchat photo of you cruising the Las Vegas strip in a Lambo, you’re still driving a Lamborghini; a legendary supercar that does not handle like a regular one.


Navigating a high-performance vehicle through unfamiliar territory can be an invitation for losing your security deposit. Not only that, but you’ll end up wasting time just wandering around, instead of out actually enjoying the car doing what it does best.



Here are some popular driving destinations in the Las Vegas area that will help to enchance your supercar experience.

Las Vegas Strip

rent an exotic car on the las vegas strip

Few places are as iconic as the Las Vegas strip. And, driving an exotic car down the strip is sure to be a memory you relish for many years to come. And because you’re likely to share that memory on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat, that supercar memory will live on forever. However, since the strip itself is actually only about 4 miles long, if you want your real-life experience of driving a supercar to last, make sure to plan ahead and map out your route first.

Red Rock Park

red rock canyon a Las Vegas driving destination

Red Rock Canyon is one of 20 designated scenic byways in the state of Nevada. Officially designated as a portion of State Route 159, the total length of the whole route, is a little over 31 miles long and serves as a thoroughfare in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Hoover Dam

driving to Hoover dam

Located in Black Canyon, Hoover Dam is just a short drive outside of Vegas. And, it’s quite an impressive site. The drive out there takes in a variety of landscapes and road conditions. You’ll experience everything from city driving to long straits in the desert to canyon road switchbacks. It can be a nice drive to really experience the handling capabilities of an exotic car.