Exotic Car Rentals | Los Angeles

Exotic Car Rentals | Los Angeles

Los Angeles – Is there anywhere more iconic with looking great? And to a star, your car says who you are. Fortunately for the rest of society, Los Angeles and the whole Orange County area is littered with exotic car rental shops. So, you can look like a million bucks pretty easily.

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Commonly rented exotics in LA & Orange County

What could be better than going up the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible Ferrari? Maybe you prefer to turn heads as you cruise by the Hollywood walk of fame in a Lamborghini. Or perhaps revving a Porsche on the streets of Orange County is more your thing. Whatever your exotic car dream may be, Los Angeles and the Orange County area can deliver the goods.


Here’s a snapshot of some of the more popular exotics that people rent while in the Los Angeles and Orange county areas:

Currently Available Exotics

Ready to take on Los Angeles like the stars do? Then it’s time to pick out a supercar and get some price quotes!


Midway Exotic Car Rental

Touting itself as the largest independently owned car rental company in Los Angeles, Midway has been renting cars since 1972. They have won awards for best-in-class service and have tons of cars for you to choose from.


Legends Los Angeles exotic car rental

Legends prides itself on its outstanding customer service reviews. It is 5 star rated by both Google and Yelp. In addition to exotics, they also rent out classic cars that have been driving by some of Hollywood’s finest.


luxury line auto rental los angeles

Located in swanky Beverly Hills, Luxury Line has served over 40,000 clients. And, you can’t build up that kind of a business without people wanting to come back for more. Luxury Line could be a good option for your exotic car dreams in LA.

Driving Destinations in & around Los Angeles

Once you’re behind the wheel of your dream car, deciding where to go may seem a bit daunting. In addition to being famous for glamorous lifestyles, LA is famous for something else: traffic. Nobody wants to spend a couple grand sitting in park.


So to get the most out of your exotic car rental, it’s a good idea to have mapped out your destination BEFORE you actually rent the car.




The Los Angeles-Long Beach area includes all of  Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County as well as Riverside and San Bernadino. That’s a lot of land!  And being one of the more populated areas of the United States, it also has a ton of traffic! So, to maxmize your driving experience, here are some more popular areas to visit in and around Los Angeles.


Here are some of the more popular driving destinations in the LA area for you to consider:

Santa Barbara

santa barbara driving destination

With the Pacific Ocean on your left for most of the way, a drive to Santa Barbara can be a great way to experience an exotic car. Located a couple of hours outside of LA, this upscale town is famous for its beautiful scenery and iconic red tile roofs. While you’re there, make sure to enjoy a meal at one of the areas many fine dining establishments.

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is so long, that there’s no way you can cover it all. And, at the same time, you should definitely not miss it. Stretching over 655 miles long, it is the longest state road in California. You can either drive it south from LA towards San Diego, or north towards San Francisco. Which ever way you choose, it’s a great place to open up an exotic car and take in a sunset.

Palm Springs

palm springs

Originally used as an escape from Hollywood, Palm Springs is truly an oasis. It is about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. Nestled up against the mountains, this desert paradise can be a fun day trip from LA. While you’re here, make sure to check out the aerial trip to the top of San Jacinto Mountains.

Now that you’ve got an idea of where you can drive your exotic rental, check which dream cars are available for you to rent!