Supercar Track Experiences

Supercar Experiences


Experiencing a supercar can be one of the highlights of your life. And, thankfully, there are lots of different ways to enjoy an exotic car without owning one!


In this article we’ll discuss:





Types of Supercar Experiences

  • Ride along
  • Autocross
  • Track Driving
  • Exotic Driving Tours

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(Photo: The Xtreme Xperience ride along)

Supercar Ride Along


An exotic car ride-along is an organized exotic car event in which participants sit in the passenger seat of a supercar, while a professional driver pilots the car around a closed driving course. Ride alongs usually take place  at an autocross course or a racetrack.


Ride alongs can be a great way to begin your experiences with exotic cars. They are usually pretty inexpensive. Also, they require no extra insurance. You simply put on a helmet, strap yourself into the seatbelt, hang on and smile.



How much does it cost for exotic car rides?


Riding along in an exotic car usually starts at around $45 per lap.


Ride along driving experiences near you:


The majority of ride alongs are provided at dedicated racetracks around the United States including Las Vegas, Houston and New Jersey.


Here is a list of exotic car ride-along providers:



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What is Autocross?


Autocross is a timed-motorsports competition in which you drive a car around a predefined course marked out by orange traffic cones. Autocross events are usually held in large parking lots,  instead of on a formal racetrack. Most of the time, when you’re driving on an autocross course, you’re the only car on the course. You are not racing against other cars.


Autocross is the next step up from ‘ride-alongs’ when it comes to supercar experiences. Just like ride-alongs, you’re on a predetermined course. But, with autocross, YOU are the one driving the exotic car. And, you don’t have to be racing against clock unless you want to.  The point of these events is for you to experience driving a supercar on a closed course, under controlled conditions.



The pros of doing a supercar autocross experience are: YOU are actually driving the supercar, it’s on a closed track so there’s a lower risk of an accident, and not much skill is required to participate.


The cons of an exotic car autocourse experience is that they are relatively short: less than 10 minutes of actual driving time. Also, you don’t really get to open up the car and experience its power. In fact, some autocross companies will charge you an automatiuc $1000 fine if you rev the engine past 4000 rpm.


But, if you’re looking for a relatively-inexpensive way to start your exotic car experiences, driving on an autocross course can be an exciting first step.



How much does an exotic car autocross experience cost?


Costs for driving an exotic car in an autocross course can start around $100 for a few laps.



Autocross driving experiences near you:


There are usually two types of providers of supercar autocross experiences. The first type are companies that operate at fixed locations, such as official racetracks. The second type of exotic car autocross companies are companies that travel around the United States. These companies will set up autocross courses in large parking lots or local racetracks.


Here is a list of supercar autocross experience providers:



photo: Speed Vegas Racing experience


Exotic Car Racing Experience


Driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini around a track is the next step up in exotic car experiences. In this supercar experience you are driving the car. And, you’re driving it  fast.  How fast?


In an exotic car racing experience, it is common to reach speeds of 100mph+


Here’s what you can expect from a typical supercar racing experience:


  • Meet at the racetrack
  • Sign in with the event organizer
  • Watch an orienation on how to safely operate an exotic car at speed.
  • Pair up with an instructor
  • Strap on your helmet and racing harness, and sometimes put on a nomex racing suit
  • Instructor takes you around the track one time to explain what you’ll be doing, and help familiarize you with the track.
  • You switch seats with the instructor and then YOU pilot the car around the track, AT SPEED!
  • Pose for lots of photos with a permanent grin on your face, helmet-hair be damned.


How much does it cost to drive a Lamborghini on a track?


Depending on where you’re at, the costs of driving a supercar around a track can be pretty reasonable. In Las Vegas you can drive an exotic car around a racetrack starting at $49 per lap. And, there are many different cars you can choose from. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to get your exotic car fix.


And, Las Vegas isn’t the only place that offers racetrack driving of supercars.


Here’s a list of supercar track experiences near you.


Exotic Car racetrack driving experiences near you:

  • Dream Racing: Located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
  • Speed Vegas: As the name implies, this one is in Vegas
  • Exotics Racing: One location in Los Angeles and two locations near Las Vegas
  • Racing Adventures: Locations in Phoenix, Houston and LA.
  • Xtreme Experience: These guys bring racetrack racing to you! Held at 20+ racetrack locations around the country.


supercar tour
Dream Car Tours

A dream car tour, or exotic car road trip, is an organized driving event. Participants have the opportunity to drive a variety of different supercars over an extended period of time. Some of these tours last a few hours. Others, last a few weeks as drivers pilot a different car each day from one luxury location to another.


Because these tours are the ultimate driving tours, we have a whole page dedicated to supercar tours. We talk about the different types, how much they cost, and how YOU can particpate in one either in the United States or in luxurious European destinations.


choosing an exotic car experience
Which Exotic Car Driving Experience is Right for You?

So now that you’ve had a crash course in the different types of supercar driving experiences, you may be wondering: “Which one do I choose”?


The great thing about exotic car experiences is that they do not have to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. In fact, you could start out small with a ride-along just to get started. That’s an exotic car experience that is within almost anyone’s budget.


If after doing a ride along you realize that you want even more now, you can move up the list of driving experiences to an autocross event. It’s a little bit more money. It’s in a highly controlled environment, and you’re not likely to get up to speeds that can get out of control very quickly. But, you’ll still actually be driving the supercar!


Or, you may decide to skip the first two options and go straight to driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari on an actual racetrack. And that’s just great! You’ll get your adrenaline fix faster and really be excited to do it all again. Maybe at that point you’ll decide that a dream car tour through Stelvio Pass, or on the Autobahn is next on your bucket list.

Whatever you decide, there is a supercar experience that is right for you, and within your grasp.